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We appreciate your commitment to leveraging Gainfully, a cutting-edge technology platform proudly owned by White Glove. At White Glove, we understand the significance of empowering financial advisors to share content compliantly across various social media channels and through diverse email marketing campaigns.

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What service do I have?

If you are a member of a larger broker dealer, and utilize Gainfully through your broker dealer, then you use our do it yourself service. If you utilize Gainfully through your firm, and have a dedicated account manager scheduling material on your behalf, then you use our done for you service, known as Nurture and Engage. If you're interested in this service, please fill out the contact form here or email [email protected] and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Why Gainfully?

Gainfully is the first open marketing platform for financial service professionals. We help mutual fund and insurance companies connect with advisors, help advisors get more clients, and help all parties maintain their current relationships with clients and their advisors.

Our app platform delivers branded marketing content and campaigns to advisors in a completely SEC/FINRA-compliant channel. We help advisors support their business across social, email, mobile, and more, while giving their sponsoring companies unprecedented data insights into advisors and clients.

What can you do with Gainfully?

With Gainfully, all US registered (FINRA/SEC/NAIC) financial services professionals have access to a consolidated library of digital resources that they can access, save, and distribute to clients and prospects compliantly. We have a laser-like focus on key markets and have a robust inbound funnel of interested organizations.

Your organization can use Gainfully to provide single sign-on (SSO) for your users, send out customized email campaigns, message users, and create and share content relevant to your industry via our social media integrations.

Marketing, selling, and supporting financial advisors, brokers, or agents is way too hard. We make it easy!

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