Contact Center

About the Contact Page

At White Glove, we understand that a key part of your success is how you interact with clients and perspective clients. We've made several exciting updates to our contact center, ensuring your experience as an end user is more intuitive and rewarding. To learn about these changes, continue reading below!

What are all of these filters?

When you arrive on the contact page, at the top, next to the search bar, you'll see an opportunity to show filters. Clicking on this button will expand the filter section to take up more of the page.

Once you select this, you'll be able to filter by birth month, anniversary month, and/or list name. To apply these filters, select "Apply Filters". To start over, press "Reset Filters". And, to hide this pop out, press "Hide Filters".

You'll see that you also have the ability to search by your contact's names or emails.

How do I edit contacts?

Good question! To edit a contact, simply click once on the desired contact. A side bar will populate on the righthand side. From there, you can edit various aspects of the client's profile.


Selecting "Unsubscribe" will remove the user from all email campaigns they are subscribed to. If you want to communicate with the user moving forward, and they haven't asked to be unsubscribed, we'd recommend just removing the user from any lists or campaigns that are active.

Once you're done making changes to the user, you can press "Save Changes". From there, you'll be taken back to the main contact page, where you can navigate to any other part of the tool.