Sharing to Social Media

Connect Your Profile(s)

Before you can share content, you'll need to connect your social media profiles to Gainfully. This allows you to easily post directly from Gainfully to your chosen platforms.

Before sharing, you must select which channel you would like to post to.

Scheduling Your Posts

Gainfully offers you several ways to schedule your social media posts:

Automatic Sharing | Queue

Gainfully can automatically publish your queued content according to a schedule you create.

First, make sure auto-sharing is enabled for each social channel.


Next, create your pre-defined schedule with specific dates and times for each social media platform.

Then, add the content you want to share to your queue for automatic sharing based on that schedule.

Share Now or Schedule

When you find a piece of content in Gainfully, you can choose to "Share Now" or "Schedule" it for a later date.

Share Now: This will post the content immediately to your chosen social media channels..


Schedule: This allows you to customize the day and time you want the content to be shared. Scheduled content will be visible in your specific channel's queue