Drip Campaigns

Using Drip Campaigns

What are Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaigns are multi part email campaigns. They may be used to educate an audience, encourage an audience to schedule with you, or to maintain interest in your services after an event.

As an advisor, the drip campaigns that are available to you have likely already been curated by your home office. As a member of our Nurture & Engage service, drip campaigns have already been curated by our content strategy team, and have a FINRA approved letter attached. Your account specialist will schedule drip campaigns on your behalf. Please reach out to [email protected] or your account specialist with any questions.

As an advisor utilizing Gainfully through your home office, sending drip campaigns is an easy process, much like what you'd encounter when scheduling a simple email campaign.

To schedule a drip campaign, navigate to the Campaigns feature and select New Drip Campaign

You will be redirected to a new user interface, where multiple options will appear under your profile. You may choose to send a new drip campaign, or review campaigns already sent or scheduled.

Select "send new", and you'll be taken to a grid of all drip campaigns available to you. Here, you can search for a specific template, tag, and filter by organization level.

Once you've found a drip campaign template you'd like to use, click "select template". This will take you to a more in depth overview of what that template contains.

Here, you'll determine a campaign name for your drip campaign and can select an audience. You'll also see the cadence of the emails, and how much time has been scheduled between sends. For instance, the above screenshot shows that there are three emails, and you can expect them to send a week apart from each other.

You can also select multiple client lists for the campaign to be disbursed to, or only one audience. Choose your audience by selecting the drop down arrow, and searching for the lists you've already created. Keep in mind, contact lists are static- if you change your contact list in the middle of the campaign, it'll still only go to the original people you signed up for the campaign.

From here, you can select review content.

If you'd like a test email of each template in the campaign that will be sent, you can do so by entering the appropriate email under "send a test" and clicking send. Selecting the eye icon will show a live preview of the email, complete with the appropriate advisors signature. Clicking the down arrow will populate the ability to view the live preview for those emails, as well as any cards that have been attached.

If you're satisfied with what the campaign looks like, clicking "schedule campaign" in the bottom right will take you to the scheduling screen.

Selecting "schedule campaign" will take you to the "recent campaigns" section of drip campaigns, where you can manage your subscribed users list, see analytics, and pause or cancel the campaign.


Pro Tip: Advisors who send targeted or timely content to existing clients and new contacts have the most success. Tailor your lists to smaller groups and use targeted templates for increased relevancy.