Sharing On Social Media

Connecting Social Media Accounts

To integrate a social media account, navigate to Profile > Integrations and connect your LinkedIn, Facebook Business, and Twitter accounts. When prompted, enter the username and password affiliated with your social media account. You are ready to start sharing!


Facebook Business Pages

To connect your Facebook Business page, you'll first need to connect your personal Facebook account.

To connect your Facebook account:

  • Go to Integrations and click "connect" on Facebook
  • Follow the prompts from Facebook to sign in and "Allow" all permissions requested
  • Connect to a Facebook Business Page

Next, to connect your Facebook Business page

  • First, connect your Facebook Account (see above)
  • Once your Facebook Account is connected, click "Connect" on Facebook Page
  • Select your page and click select
  • If you don't see your Facebook Page in the popup, it may not be correctly configured or your Facebook Account may not have publishing privileges for the page. Please ensure your Facebook account should be an admin


About Facebook on Gainfully

Facebook no longer allows third-party applications like Gainfully to share to personal Facebook accounts. Sharing to Facebook business pages is still available to users.

Please consult Facebook support for any issues with your Facebook Business page.

Sharing to Social Media

You can post any content card to a particular social media channel by sharing immediately, or adding it to that channel's queue.

Before sharing, you must select which channel you would like to post to.


Scheduling Posts

You can post any content card to a particular social media channel by scheduling the post for a specific day and time.

Select the channel you would like to share to, and then select the day and time. Content scheduled will be visible in your Campaigns.


Campaigns allow users to share content on specific days/times, and to particular queues.

Adding content to a Campaign

Content can be added to individual campaigns directly from a card. Each social media channel (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) has its own campaign.


Bulk-add to a Campaign

You can also add multiple cards to any given Campaign.

Select VIEW ALL from a given page, choose multiple cards and then select which Campaign you would like to add the content to.

Managing your Campaigns

For each Campaign, make sure that the account is Enabled in order to share content.

Once the content has been added to a particular Campaign, choose the day and time you would like the content to be posted. Content will not be shared more than once.

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