Campaigns and Content Available

Supported Campaign Types

Gainfully supports various campaigns, depending on what your organization has approved. As a user on Gainfully, you may have the ability to send the below types of campaigns:

-Simple Campaigns & Newsletters
-Drip Campaigns
-Social Media Campaigns

Simple Campaigns & Newsletters

Simple Campaigns consist of an email sent to a list of your clients. Email content is curated by your home office, White Glove, or in some instances, may consist of content created by you. Please see "Simple Email Campaigns" for more information on these.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns are a series of emails that are specifically curated by your home office or White Glove, depending on your subscription. They are sent to a client list at a specific time, attempting to get a client or prospect to take action or educate them on a subject.

For instance, you may run a drip campaign immediately after a seminar or webinar. You'd schedule the first email to send, and then the consecutive emails will send at a specific interval after the initial emails, essentially "dripping" information to the targeted audience.

Social Media Campaigns

Currently, Gainfully supports social sharing with several popular social media platforms, including Facebook Business, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If your home office supports social sharing with Gainfully and you have questions on how to connect your accounts,
please see the "Sharing on Social Media" page for more information on how to get started!