Insurance and Licensing Settings

Licensing Navigation

To fully utilize the Gainfully platform, you will need to complete your licensing information. This can be found by navigating to your dashboard, then clicking on "click here".


Licensing Options

Get Started

Once you select click here, you'll be taken to step 1 of the licensing process. If you are licensed, be sure that your first and last name appear exactly as they do on your licensing information. The state you select must match the state that you are registered in. If the state does not match, your licensing information will not be accurately completed.


If you are not a licensed financial advisor, please select the state you are employed in for this step.


Registration Tip

If you are registered in multiple states, be sure to choose your primary registered state when selecting where you are registered or employed.


The personalization step allows you to select any options that apply to you. You are able to select multiple options.

If you are a support staff member, not licensed, or will be acting as a delegate for advisors, please select "None, I am an admin or assistant".

If you have an insurance license, please click on the "insurance" box, as this is the only one that will populate the "select insurance profile" box.

Select Insurance Profile


Gainfully parses insurance profiles by searching the legal name and state that you entered in "Get Started". If you made an error, and are not licensed in insurance, please click on "I am not insurance licensed". If you expect to see your profile, but it's not populating, click on "edit name or state" in order to ensure you entered your name and state correctly.

Updates to your insurance profile may take 2-3 weeks to populate. Therefore, if you've recently moved or changed your primary registration state, your profile may not populate as expected. If you'd like to change the state that Gainfully searches, click on "change".

Select Security Profile


Gainfully presents options for your securities profile based on what is available in BrokerCheck. If your information in BrokerCheck is not up to date, or has been recently updated, you will see that reflected in Gainfully when trying to select your profile.

If you made an error, and would like to change where Gainfully searches, click "change". If you'd like to update your legal name or state, you are able to do so at by using the "edit name or state" button.


Securities Profiles

Be sure to verify that the CRD number that populates is yours before selecting the profile. If you have issues connecting your licensing, please reach out to [email protected].

After verifying your information is all there and accounted for, proceed to "build my profile" to complete your licensing information. If your profile information changes, you can request an update at any time by navigating to licensing (found under the settings tab), and clicking "request update". This will populate an email to the Gainfully support team, who will be able to reset your licensing information.