Contact Center Statuses

An overview of various statuses assigned to contacts

There are three different statuses contacts within Gainfully can have. Here, we'll go through each one and what the impact of these statuses are.


Most contacts within your contact page should have this status.

This means contacts are actively receiving your campaigns and are engaged with the material you've been sharing. They may have recently clicked on or opened your emails.


These contacts have been automatically assigned this status by Gainfully. This is when contacts show a lack of engagement with the emails you've sent, including not clicking on emails or opening them for a certain period.

This practice helps maintain good email deliverability and list hygiene. You, as a user, are not able to manually select or deselect this status.


These contacts have opted out of receiving any further communications from you. They can unsubscribe using the link in your emails, or you can unsubscribe them manually in the contact center.

You can change a contact's status from active to unsubscribed, but you are not able to change it from unsubscribed to active.